How Google's Local Function Can Help You

Google launched Google Social Impact and claimed it will change the way websites are marketed. They've launched three different versions of Google Places, and each has a different focus: local, industry, and global. Each platform brings Google's unique social-based tools to your website. The results are mixed. On the one hand, places seem to be doing a great job of connecting businesses to potential customers.

Many people already "know" each other on these sites. It's the same reason why so many email addresses and contact information are collected on a daily basis. However, there is la river history of interactivity that hasn't been fully explored yet. In a social-driven environment, a person can "swipe right" to a place where they want to go or "like" a page that allows them to leave a comment, or share a post. Google seems to be trying to take that concept and apply it to offline marketing tools, like a business card or a business website.

One area that has experienced some rise in activity is the local market. Local businesses are starting to take advantage of the power of location marketing. They are creating Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and other avenues of interacting with customers. As people continue to interact within their local community, they'll start to see how well the local business fits into their daily life and will make a more informed decision. If someone likes what they see and feel like they are getting quality service and a reputable company, they might stick around.

Businesses in cities such as Los Angeles, who have seen a rise in foot traffic, seem to have found success by creating a Facebook presence and reaching out to their customers through Twitter. This has created a viral effect, where people spread the word on Twitter about the businesses and get new customers through Facebook. There is also the opportunity to connect with others on the site that share the same interests. A local restaurant, for instance, could post information about when the next event is and reach out to their Facebook friends. A local business, using Google+ Local, could add their location to their website, which would give them even more exposure.

Many businesses see a rise in interest and see the potential to turn it into a profitable endeavor through Google's social activities. By adding an extra layer of social engagement, the business is able to extend beyond just their normal customers. It makes the customer feel like they are "part of the process" and can be a part of the growth of the business as well. In turn, many businesses find that they are able to tap into this viral marketing method and turn a small amount of traffic into a lot of traffic.

With the new Google+ Local you are able to place your actual business website link onto your profile page. You can then have the option of sharing your location with your friends. If you are at a networking event and want to place a link to your business website, this is possible. You don't even need to have your own business to utilize this ability. Your blog could be utilized, or any number of other websites that may cater to your niche.

By adding your location to your profile page, you are allowing your Google+ Local friends to see where your business is as well. Any image or video that you post on your page is visible to everyone who is a part of Google+ Local. This can prove to be very beneficial for you and your business. For example, if you are running a dollar store and you are posting a video on your YouTube channel regarding the recent earthquakes in California, one of your YouTube followers will likely go to Google Maps and click on the "Get Directions" tab, which takes them directly to your business location. Now imagine them visiting your store after they've watched your YouTube video and purchased something! Chances are, your business wouldn't be doing so well without this powerful social media tool.

As you can see, the potential for exposure through Google's Local is quite limitless. In addition to expanding your current client base, you are also building brand awareness for many other websites besides just yours. There are many different ways in which this website can help your business. In fact, it is not at all uncommon for some to consider it more than helpful for their business.

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